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Justice is where Judges follow Law-KD Aggarwal. Powered by Blogger.

If Judgments were based on law, every lawyer will get same fees!-KD Aggarwal

Facts and Statute are Not Relevant. They are invented / concealed / amended by corrupt Judges - KD Aggarwal.

Let us make India Corruption free

The matter and inference drawn are based on actual personal experiences of Author. They are meant to serve as beacon to those who may find themselves in similar situations to save themselves from clutches of unscrupulous persons. They are also meant to serve as an eye opener to those men who are sitting at Helm of Affairs for improvement of judicial system and corruption free India, so that never again one says; "the law court is not a cathedral (what they used to be) but a casino where so much depends on the throw of the dice (and money). K R Narayanan

Transparency improves Accountability

Every Judge is Public Servant and thus accountable for his acts. Transparency of Complaints against Judges and instant stringent action for perjury and violation of their oath will improve Dignity of Courts and Justice delivery.

Thursday, August 1, 2013